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Air Conditioning Services from fully qualified and professional British Engineer available here in Budapest. Ready to install into your domestic and commercial property, prices for all budgets.

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Are you looking for an Air Conditionning installation Company in Budapest ?

5 reasons why to Install Air Conditioning into your Budapest apartment or office.

1. Increase the value of your property.
2. Increase the rental income of your property. The air conditioning will pay for itself in between 1 - 2 years.
3. Increase the likely-hood of letting your property. Temperatures in recent summers have passed 40 degrees, making sleeping at night unbearable.
4. Heating option... Most modern air con systems come with heating mode as standard, meaning they can work in reverse cycle producing 2.5 times more heat than the power input making them much more efficient than a standard heater. During the winter they can be used as back up for your radiator system or instead of, if you just want one room heated, saving you money.
5. The Environment... All modern Air Conditioning systems use non ozone layer depleting refrigerants in line with strict EU environmental laws. Invest in a quality brand and type of system and you will get a Grade A energy efficient product that is surprisingly cheap to run.

Can i fit Air Conditioning into my apartment or office in Budapest ?
You have a choice of fitting Fixed Air Conditioning (split systems) or portable Air Conditioning, the first being the better option.

It is possible to fit fixed A/C (split systems) when there is a suitable place for the outdoor unit to be located i.e. balcony, light well, roof or cellar. The indoor and outdoor units are connected by interconnecting pipework and cables that can either be chased into walls or hidden inside trunking. The drainage from the indoor unit normally goes directly to the outside and in certain circumstances a pump is required to take away the condensation.
With portable units you normally need to take an exhaust pipe from the rear of the unit through a window/ hole in the wall or hang a heat exchanger that is attached to the unit, outside a window. The indoor units contain a compressor that can be noisy and a condensation tray that needs to be emptied frequently.

The Cost ?

Split Air Conditioners
A/C price vary from brand to brand and depends on the type and capacity. Budapest Air Conditioning can supply and install all brands, types and sizes

Installation Costs     
 - Basic installation of up to 3.5KW: 50,000 HUF net per indoor unit (Includes up to 5 metres of interconnecting pipework)
- Extra pipework: 5000 HUF per metre (More if A/C is larger than 3.5KW).
- Other possible costs: Wall brackets for outdoor unit, an electrician (If a power supply isn't available), cutting and repairing walls, redecorating and delivery.

Some examples :

Fujitsu outdoor unit hidden behind balcony of listed building on Andrassy St. Modern Fujitsu unit inside classic office on Andrassy St. Chassed walls ready for pipework to be hidden. Unit installed with pipework hidden and walls finished perfectly.
Fujitsu Packaged unit. Windows have been modified to allow installation. These units can be used if there is no location for an outdoor unit. Weight of unit fully supported. View from the courtyard.

Why not consider installing a Fujitsu Waterstage Heat Pump Air to Water system for all your heating, cooling and sanitary water needs?

  • Highly Efficient (COP 4.3)
  • Economical (Half the running costs of gas boiler)
  • Greener (Third the CO2 emissions of a gas boiler)
  • Low noise (Inverter system)
  • Powerful Heating (To -20 deg C)
  • No Chimneys or Gas Bills. (no need for chimney certificates and gas plans)
  • Intelligent Control System (online if desired)


  • Location for outdoor unit (balcony, roof top, garden etc…



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